Alexander Madness
Alexander Madness

Alexander Madness

Deep House, Techno


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    “Music is movement, variation, imagination and eternity. In other words: the future of sustainable
    energy. As a DJ I try to transfer and receive that form of energy from and to the people on the dance
    floor - mixing dark/groovy - techno tracks with tech house & electro floor fillers.”
    Alexander Madness (AM) discovered daylight in 1978 in Koper, Slovenia. Already his mother knew that music is going to be one of his main interests: As a kid he always liked to stand in front of roaring speakers. Before diving into the universe of electronic music, Alexander was listening to rock, pop and all the other genres that are usually popular among the youth. ”I first got to feel the magic of electronic music in 1996, when sounds of fast hardcore hit my ears. Because that kind of music was rare at that time, I soon switched to slower rhythms of chemical progressive.”

    In 1998, AM first stepped behind the decks and immediately felt the connection – and it’s still lasting. Like any other DJ he realized that the beginnings were not easy. His first gigs were played at local bars and private parties, but his technique evolved within years, as did his passion for the music. In the past years he was switching from one e-genre to another. Although he has an expansive taste in music, techno keeps intriguing him. Despite techno growing into a bigger genre
    with its sub-styles in minimal, tech house and hard techno, he still discovers fascinating records in every style. This is the reason AM’s sound is so diverse and surprising.

    He has been playing in all the major and recognized clubs, such as Ambasada Gavioli, Lipa, SubSub, Le Coupole, K4, Fleda Club, Bikini Sex Club, Radost’ Club, The Temple, Gallery, Fun Academy, Oxygen, Netopir, The Club, The Cube, Spacer Club, Channel Zero, Playtime,
    Forest, Tivoli, Arcade, Impulz, Culture club and many more. He participated also on Amsterdam Dance Event, Cool Festival, Final Flash, Kanegra Beach Festival, Fetique-Boutique, SDJF in the city, Maximal, Astrodisco, Born to be Wild, The way of Freedom Sound Of Summer and Labyrinth Open Croatia events.

    Throughout his 15 year run and after AM’s guest appearances in numerous venues in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Holland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Swiss, Mexico.., AM has also shared the spotlight with some of the industries best DJ’s. Some of his collaborations include artists such as Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Andy Moor, James Zabiela, The Filterheadz, Richard Bartz, Christian Varela, Len Faki, Bryan Cox, Oxia, Joris Voorn, Matthew Dekay, Desyn Masiello, Seamus Haji, Danilo Vigorito, dA frESh, Marko Nastić, Paco Osuna, Mashtronic, Dejan Miličević, Stacey Pullen, Olivier Giacomotto, Lucca, Criss Source, Electrixx, Ade Fanton, Paul Hazendonk, Petar Dundov, Jamie Bissmire, Virgin Helena, Olivier Giacomotto, Sasha Carassi, Mark Reeve, Stacey Pullen, Paco Osuna, Matador, Kevin Saunderson, Dj Hell, Hernan Cattaneo, Audiofly, Ten Walls, Guy Mantzur and many more.

    His production and DJ-ing styles has led to release on Euro Phonix records, Slavic records, Sound Evolution Xtra, 4 Season records, Decoded Mini records, Ecotech records, Sidechain records, Render Obedience records, Sex Panda records, Speca records, Italian Piatto's label N.O.I.A. which is actually a sub label of well known and respected label Italo Business owned by Dandi & Ugo, Teggno records, Pilbus rec., Alphawave, Perfection, Manchester Underground Music, Leap4rog, ZYX Music, Open records, Sabotage records, Sound of Acapulco (owned by Lucca), Italo Business, Frequenza, Locomatica, Renesanz, The End, Gain, Yin Yang, Mirabilis, BluFin, Bush, Syncopate, Phunk Traxx, Se-Lek-Music, General Surgery & 1605 Music Therapy (owned by Umek)….

    AM is currently making a real name for himself. His productions have found him fans that include the likes of Umek, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Mark Knight, Igor (Pig & Dan), Axel Karakasis, Anderson Noise, Orde Meikle (Slam), Cristian Varela, Markus Schulz, Jan Van
    Lier, Subfractal, Eddie Halliwell, Tom Hades, Riccardo Ferri, Thomas Krome, Criss Source, Jan Nemecek, Loco & Jam, Phunk Investigation, Steve Parker, Miniminds, Jerome Ism-Ae, Marco Bailey, Dr. Motte, Dj Pena, Presslaboys, Christian Cambas, Anthony Pappa, Luis Bonias (Factomania), Electric Rescue, Marco Carola, Sasha Carassi, Pedro Delgardo, Tomcraft, Wehbba, Tomy DeClerque, Dyno, D-Unity, Dandi & Ugo, Piatto, dA frESh, Robert Leiner, Markantonio, Alex Di Stefano, Olivier Giacomotto, Anderson Noise, Amo & Navas, Spartaque, Maverickz, and many more...

    He aims high and as written in the biography "beginnings were not easy..", but it is already obvious, after all these years, that e-music is the thing that keeps him going.

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