Carlos Monsalve
Carlos Monsalve

Carlos Monsalve

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Tech House, Techno


  • Bio

    Carlos Monsalve was born in Medellin, Colombia and grew up in the Netherlands. He started getting into music as a Hip Hop DJ at the age of 16, before that he had never even heard of Techno before.

    One night, Carlos' friends took him to a techno party on New Year's Eve, and Carlos encountered the magic power behind Techno music. This special evening changed his life and musical perception. From that moment on, Carlos started collecting Techno records and after a few years of DJ'ing Techno music he became interested in creating it as well.

    He borrowed a MIDI keyboard from his friend and started learning how to produce music. His first productions were very minimal, but soon he got hooked on the Drumcode sound and that influence quickly turned his style into a deeper, pumping, darker sound.

    In 2014, Carlos made his first debut on Lunary Records with his original track 'Nobody Here'. This debut track got the great support by Techno heavy-weight Joseph Capriati right away and indicated a promising start of his music career.

    Carlos also started begin 2018 a new label called Refuge Digital with his partner in crime Roel Salemink who is also known for playing add Awakenings and the Revolution party in Amnesia Ibiza for Carl Cox.
    Carlos and Roel organized there first labels showcase on the famous Amsterdam Dance event 2018 and more wil follow soon.
    Carlos' passion, dedication and creativity will undoubtedly bring us high quality Techno in 2019, so keep an eye on this man!

  • Booking Rate

    250€ (negotiable, depending on gig type / duration)
  • Travel Fee's

    I travel 100 km before asking for a travel fee.
  • Tech Rider (required at the venue)

    • CDJs
    • Dj Monitor
    • Mixer
    • Power Outlet