Elad Perez
Elad Perez

Elad Perez



  • Bio

    Elad Perez is one of Israel’s most talented underground Djs.
    Elad is an Israeli musician, whose organic and forward-thinking music rouses listeners around the globe.

    His productions have found homes on some of the industry’s most no- table labels, including Traum Schallplatten, Deeplomatic Recordings, Blok Records, Solid, and many more.

    His versatile music constantly gains support in Tel Aviv's small & hot scene, and his technique & taste gained him the best dancefloors Tel Aviv has to offer.

    Elad Perez stands at the brink of a bright and exciting future. Burning ambition coupled with outstanding talent have ensured his path to the summit of underground dance scene, in Israel and far beyond its borders, is clearly laid out before him.

  • Booking Rate

    300 - 1000
  • Travel Fee's

  • Tech Rider (required at the venue)

    • CDJs
    • Mixer