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    Two values define a spiral form, just as the needle when it drops on the vinyl groove. Music and maths are the cornerstones. Both foamed with technology. No doubt about it, my technical background define my work and Lepht music identity.

    An early first touch with a vinyl caused goosebumps. That’s when all started. Was the time to discover new sounds and experiment with those vibes in the analog era. And was also the time to play them.

    When playing music wasn’t enough and my (infinite) curiosity about how things were done started to grow inside, to become an Audio Engineer was my new goal. And I went for it! Finished my Bachelor I had the chance to start working in real studios. During a break while deejaying I’ve got involved in music industry first as an Assistant and after as a Mix Engineer. During that time, music industry changed dramatically and opened up new challenges that made me get bound up with music production. First of all with small groups and all kind of music styles. This was the best training I could have and boosted my knowledge & expertise about music production.

    In this role I started to work as “ghost” Producer for some DJ’s and went back on track in the DJ industry, getting involved with other DJs. Recently, and after a few years working for other people, I felt it was time to drop the needle back to center of the spiral and point to my own music. Newer forms and reshaped wishes. Now I’m involved in my own creations and music and back to the decks. Right and Lepht side. Goosebumping, all around…

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