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It’s Time to Unite

A rough year passed with the Covid-19 virus as we struggled to find clubs to play-in as they closed like fire. It's time to unite and be the boss of ourselves, be the booking agent

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Gig Jockey booking system became easier

Gig-Jockey is a new and unique all-in-one booking system for artists and bookers that smoothes out the event management experience. Festivals and concerts provide greater opportunities for artists and their performances. One thing remained consistent

  • Why you should use our system!

Why you should use Gig Jockey

Do you perform at parties and want to play in more parties as you travel? Working with Gig Jockey can benefit you. Today it's challenging to arrange gigs, definitely when you are a new artist

  • Filling out your profile after registering is crucialFilling out your profile after registering is crucial

Profile completion after registering is mandatory

So you have registered and wanted to perform while you travel, or you are already visiting the country that you want to play and you not getting any emails or calls from promoters after you sent a request through the system.