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Can you assure I’ll get gigs?

As with anything in life, there are no guarantees. But with signing up to Gig Jockey will definitely make you more visible to the worlds promoters. How much you hustle for gigs is up to you.

How much will Gig Jockey cost me?

Currently, Gig Jockey is free to use as we build our community and services. And you can use the system as much or as little as you like.

Do I pay Gig Jockey to book the artist?

No, Gig Jockey is a free-to- use service as we build our database. We act as an intermediate only, joining you and the artists together in the most hassle-free way. We leave the details of payment up to you and your guest to arrange, but reserve the right to remove your profile if you do

What if the artist has a non-compete contract?

Many larger artists are not able to play in the same city because of the contract they sign, however, Gig Jockey aims to give promoters a clearer picture of who else is in the city at that time, cutting out much of the leg work of finding suitable guests. In this way, a wider range

What is “Add Party”?

If you need to fill some spots at your next event and want to give an opportunity to your local artists, you can fill all the necessary fields and push it out to everyone signed up to the service in your country.

Do you need artists for your next event?

With Gig Jockey, it’s easy. After your application has been approved, you will see “Parties Area” on the menu selections. In that section you will be able to see all incoming artists available to play with contact details to book them directly.

What is Travel Area?

The vacation area is where you will see all your past, present and future information send outs. This area will also include information about a promoter who need some artists to fill their next event.

But can you guarantee me gigs?

Unfortunately not. Gig Jockey acts as an intermediate service, connecting you with the Worlds promoters. We only make your information visible to help you. You still need to network and hustle.

How do I arrange a gig with Gig Jockey?

Whether travelling abroad or playing in your own country, making your movements known is very easy. Once you know the details of your next trip or available date, select ‘Add Vacation’ from the menu selections and fill in the necessary fields. Gig Jockey will then push this information to all promoters in the relevant country.

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