Gig-Jockey is a new and unique all-in-one booking system for artists and bookers that smoothes out the event management experience.

Festivals and concerts provide greater opportunities for artists and their performances.

One thing remained consistent in the DJing world, DJs want to perform more and as much as possible.

Financial constraints limit what a promoter/booker can offer to the artist, or indeed, afford.

Gig-Jockey aims to level the playing field with a revolutionary new approach to event management.

“Gig jockey focus is to help artists to perform as they travel the world. Promoters can save money to make their event experience the best it can be.”

Gig-Jockey CEO, Igor Ilgiyaev

Imagine a catalog of promoters, bookers and artist exists that helps connect the right people in real time.

Well, now there is.

Free to use

Gig-Jockey is your one-stop shop for all your event needs taking current technologies to the next level.

Support since launch increases daily, “Gig Jockey is a brilliant platform.” leading Korean techno DJ, Bagagee Viphex13 tells us, “[It] connects artists, promoters with travel smoothly.”

“Gig jockey is a game changer in the booking world. It’s cancels the middlemen that control the artist’s shows and gigs. No more monopoly of some agencies over the decks!” – Dangur (Israel)

Gig-Jockey have many powerful features and is incredibly easy to use for both parties alike.

Every booker receive your dates, times and location route to let them know you’re in town and available for booking

The promoters has the flexibility and time to review this data and add artists to his event easily without any substantial cost.

Flights, hotels are without any cost as the artist is already on the way to the promoter.

Fans and music lovers who travel the globe can see and hear their heroes with Gig Jockey’s win-win service for all parties.

Sign up takes seconds and could earn you money the very same week.
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