Today many artists that travel struggling to keep up with their life as an Artist.

They sit in the studio, work hard to create the best next thing that will shake the dance floor.

All promoters book the same Artists and DJ’s and don’t give a chance for young artists to perform.

All credits (money they earn for performing ) goes to the BIG DJ’s that play your music.

Every event is money consuming, to bring a new artist from another country to play is very expensive.

This is why we created this startup for you. It’s called Gig Jockey.

Gig Jockey allows artists and promoters to reach each other when the artist is traveling or for promoter who needs extra artists to his event.

Both parties can fill a super easy form that sends out automatically to everyone.

You can find all information on the Gig Jockey site.

It’s super easy to open an account.

Artists can create travels and promoters can invite artists to their events.

In the future, the startup will allow the fans to sign up and follow up their favorite artist, events and buy tickets directly from the site.

It’s the future of booking that will ease up the work between all the parties.

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