You bought your ticket to your next travel or you already traveling between countries. You want to make an extra buck and play at another party.
The way to do that is to create a new vacation two weeks before you travel to your next destination.
Why should you create a ticket two week before you travel to your next destination you ask? Here is the answer. When a promoter organizes an event, he plans his party months ahead.

He invites all the DJs and artists and plans where the venue will occur and marketing the event that people will come and dance. It is all time and money consuming so you will have to consider all those factors.

All promoters from your destination will get a notification. They can organize a new event for you or book you for the upcoming event as a special guest.

That’s the way to create a new vacation in the system?

  • Create a Travel.
  • Fill out all the necessary fields.
  • Do not write a long title, keep it short, like “I am coming to Canada” or “DJ name” is in town’.
  • The promoter will get this notification from you and will see all your information.

Keep in mind that if you do not fill out your profile, the promoter cannot contact you.

All information that you provide is used by the system to send to the promoter so the promoter can eventually book you to the event.

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