Do you perform at parties and want to play in more parties as you travel? Working with Gig Jockey can benefit you.

Today it’s challenging to arrange gigs, definitely when you are a new artist on the scene.

Most Promoters book only big names because they know that people come to their party.

Bringing artists from another country is expensive, no one will come when they don’t know you as an artist.

That’s why we have built this system for you so both parties can have the opportunity to invite new artists.

When promoters creating a party, they take all aspects to mind, like the venue, marketing, line-up, security and more.

Bringing a new Artist from another country is not in the question.

On the road? Send your information to the promoters so they can book you.

How does this happen?

You register by providing the minimum information.

(Keep in mind that we search you as an artist and check if you are an artist and the same goes to promoters).

After we accept you, you will receive an email with validation of your sign up, now just left to fill out your all data.
You will have to fill all the data so the promoter can contact you.

If any of the data will be empty, for example, your social links they could not see who you are and your opportunity will fall.

When all data is complete, you can try and send your first ticket but only if you travel to another country.

Thank you for reading and hopes that we can help you Succeed as an Artist.

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